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About me

Hi, I’m Mel! 

I am the founder and owner of The Recovery Studio + Glow Juicery Raw Food Cafe in Summerside, PEI.

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur is amazing, however, my passion lies in being a self-acceptance, emotional empowerment + mindset coach for impact driven women who are ready for that high performance level of their life. 

What do you want from this one life that you have?

What is your deep desire?

With that question comes the passion to tune into true transformation.

Recover the YOU, you were meant to be. 


“At first, my pain was my driver and motivation. Then my empowerment became my driving force.” 

If you were looking in at my life a decade ago, you would have believed that I was living a life of purpose. I’ve always had a deep driving need to be of service. As a police officer with the RCMP, I believed I was on the ​one​ path that would fulfil that need.

But all was not as it seemed on the outside. 

I gave and I gave, that is true. But there was a price to pay for my service. Years of anxiety, overwhelmed, led to PTSD, and eventually became too much to ignore.

I found some relief with traditional therapy. After a point, I began to crave looking forward, rather than back into the past. My quest to heal and to grow through my experiences into a future that was hopeful and empowered led me to my personal mentor, Bob Proctor. 

It’s funny how we can struggle for years, thinking that the path we are on is the one true path for our lives, only to realize the ​life-changing quantum growth​ that can happen when you release the idea of where you ​should​ be and learn to listen to what your inner voice is telling you.  

The work I was doing on myself led to rapid transformation - I left the RCMP and opened several businesses that perfectly aligned my drive to be of service with the inner work I was doing. My path opened up before me, at a much less energetic cost than before.  


Through Self Rx, I consult with those who feel like I once did: 

  • Mothers who feel they’ve lost their identity 
  • Professionals who feel overwhelmed and under appreciated when it comes to their lives and careers 
  • People suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD 
  • Those who know, deep down, that they were meant to live a higher purpose 
  • People who seek transformation but aren’t sure how and want guidance from someone who has lived it 


My Methods

There is a wealth of information about how to transform your life but we often fail to progress because we are stuck in the knowing-doing phase. I know that transformation occurs when you have these key pieces in place:  

Guidance + Accountability + Environment 

Guidance- To help you take your knowledge and make it a habit 

Accountability- Your insurance for success, and  

Environment- A supporting and encouraging group of people who are in pursuit of the same goal - transformation and lasting personal growth 


This is the recipe for success but it isn’t a magic bullet.

I can’t do the work for you.  

My goal is to remove your limiting thoughts once and for all and leave a way for your ideal life to come through. ​

My mission is to help you see the value of your SELF. 

The essential truth that I operate from is that we are all capable of transforming into our highest ideal. We have all the answers, skills and knowledge inside us but haven’t been taught to trust our own voice. 


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